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My Journey into UX Design 

I am an aspiring UX designer. My mission, as a designer, is to create high value, intuitive, coherent, and attractive designs that showcase my respect and understanding for my clients.


Pre-UX Life...

When someone would ask me what my dream job was, I used to say that I wanted to be a teacher.

I have always been interested in creative activities such as drawing, painting, dance, yoga. I enjoy my creative passions, even more, when I get to 
share them with others. One day I asked myself how could I transfer my creative energy to the digital industry. This lead to be a quest, whereby then I found solace in design - my latest and most exciting endeavor so far... I shall return this later in the next section.

Along the way before my newfound solace,  I wore multiple hats and worked in various roles in my professional career,  which shaped my attitude of being open and the priceless importance of customer experience. I have worked as: 

- A Project Leader for UNICEF in Thailand and Sweden, creating campaigns

- A Business Sales Executive for hotels in Thailand, learning about the travel industry, hospitality, and tourism

- As an independent Event Coordinator in ASEAN countries, focusing on logistics and building relationships. at corporate and private events.

- (Current Role) As a Marketing Manager at Siemens Energy out of Sweden, working with content creation, organizing digital exhibitions, and international customer events. 

When I am not working, I teach or rather share my passions, of Yoga, Zumba, and CrossFit training at various SATs gyms in Sweden.

Reflecting on my learnings, I have found a way to bring together my technical and creative skills to all my jobs and hobbies. I have learned how to work in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment, empathize with people, do research and analysis, identify goals and needs, and efficiently find solutions to a broad variety of problems as well as assess user pain points.

How did I get into UX?


One day when talking to a friend from Spotify, about my quest to work with something creative in the digital space, he introduced me to the world of UX Design.

I immediately enrolled myself in online courses for UX Design by Google and pursued a diploma from UX Design Institute. By the end of these courses, my inner voice was screaming with joy that I finally found my new solace!

Something that I have truly enjoyed throughout my roles and experiences is the meaningful interactions I have made with the people with whom I have worked. I missed my creative side and UX Design became the perfect balance for my interest in art and technology. I chose this field because it's where I know I'll be able to utilize my creativity in a new and purposeful way. I want to explore all that design has to offer regarding emotion, functionality, and aesthetics. I aim to make a positive impact on peoples' lives and I want to start today.

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